Reiki with Acacia

After a personal experience I was drawn to Reiki and ever since I have found my connection with it to be insatiable. From a young age I think we can all recall stubbing a toe, bumping our head or knocking an elbow, the first thing our parent or loved one did was place their hand on it, rub it or hold it. Touch heals they say. Surely there lies something in that age old saying. With my roots in gardening and energy work I have for the last 20 years felt a calling into working where I can help living things be it plant, animal or person.


REIKI is becoming more in demand in the WORK PLACE helping to ease relationships at work, aids staff retention, boosts immune systems which equals less sick days, boosting moral, improving sleep and decreasing lethargy, increasing energy, easing stress. I do travel further afield for back to back company bookings and also offer gardening therapy/introductory course to promote a healthier way of being.


About Reiki

Reiki is a popularised Japanese modality. Now becoming more popular in the workplace as well as at therapy centres. It is a technique that involves hands on or hands hovering just above the body in a sequence of positions.


Reiki treatment

Reiki is a fantastic complimentary therapy, whilst the local hospices and cancer units welcome us with open arms the plethora of ailments where Reiki is proving invaluable are listed here, however the list of Reiki’s ability to treat symptoms are endless.


About Me

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am Warren. Apart from my love for Reiki I run a small organic gardening company, and am venturing into gardening therapy.

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