What is Reiki

Reiki is a popularised Japanese modality. Now becoming more popular in the workplace as well as at therapy centres. It is a technique that involves hands on or hands hovering just above the body in a sequence of positions. In essence it works to enhance the bodies own natural ability to heal itself.

While it is not a substitute for modern medicine it is now called on often as the first port of call rather than a last resort to compliment modern medicine. Aiding in treating a massive range of ailments from helping the recovery process post surgery through to cancer patients, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, pre exam stress and IBS, it is becoming an increasing popular complimentary therapy for good reason. Accredited by the CNHC and being recognised by the NHS Reiki is now, for good reason going from strength to strength. The founder of Reiki is Japanese master Mikao Usui, born in 1865 of Samurai lineage, he was a well educated Japanese scholar at a Buddhist school.

Practitioners who have followed the original techniques and teachings of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki should be able to trace their lineage to Mikao Usui, here in this unbroken lineage, you, the client can be safe in knowing this is the validation that your practitioner has been trained and knowledge passed on and attunements received as accurately as possible to the original teachings of Reiki. My lineage can be traced directly to Usui.

What to expect

During our initial consultation I will take a few notes and ask a few questions regarding your life and current wellbeing. These are strictly confidential and will be kept in accordance with the 1998 data protection act and never revealed to third parties.

If treating pets (normally post surgery) or babies I prefer to treat from your own environment. While I am mobile within a 10 mile radius at a small extra fee my treatment room based in Ashurst wood is a low lit, comfortable and warm environment. During a treatment you can expect to remove your shoes only and fully clothed lie on my therapy table. While gentle soothing music will fill the background I will proceed to place my hands non intrusively either just over points of your body or in some instances lightly on your body. I will of course endeavour to accommodate your needs with pillows and blankets if need be to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed.


Just over halfway through your treatment I will ask you to turn onto your stomach where I will continue the duration of your treatment. I find that many of my patients drift off to sleep as they find the treatment overwhelmingly relaxing. For those suffering from shingles, psoriasis, burns or those who have difficulty lying down a treatment can be received with equal effectiveness from a seated position.

The science behind Reiki

The amazing Torten Lang has set up Reiki Science (internationally trademarked) and is providing a body of evidence to scientifically prove the effects of Reiki. Teaming up with a laboratory in Switzerland and access to high tech scientific equipment for water analysis, recent tests on swiss tap water had some very clear outcomes. Not only did the waters crystalline structure change dramatically, but there was clear evidence that using different Reiki symbols had different outcomes to the waters structure. While the proof of the outcome of Reiki has thus far been experiential the fact that the NHS are beginning to introduce Reiki to some UK hospitals is a massive breakthrough and relief to those who have been advocates to Reiki for some time.

It was Dr Emoto who famously showed through his ice crystal photographs that water could react to thought and more importantly consciously directed thought. If the human body is 60% water with the brain and heart over 70% water, the fact that we can have profound effects on water is an amazing consideration as to how powerful our thoughts and intentions are.

Going deeper The Centre For Reiki Research has been set up to promote scientific awareness by providing a list of evidence based research published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

Across the pond in the USA it was published by the American Hospital Association in 2007 that 15% of 800 hospitals across the USA offered Reiki as part of hospital services.

In 2015 and 2016 the largest Reiki study to date was conducted at Harvard University by Dr Dyer, Dr Baldwin and Rand known as ‘The large scale effectiveness trial of Reiki for physical and psychological health’, revealing the positive effects of even a single session of Reiki.

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