About Warren Swartz

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am Warren. Apart from my love for Reiki I run a small organic gardening company, and am venturing into gardening therapy.

This is a wonderful therapy that touches on Wilson's Biophilia hypothesis and brings one closer to nature, it can reduce stress, depression and anxiety and  help with a number of further mental health issues.

I am the father of 2 delightful boys who live and breathe the outdoors experience. I have in the past run a gardening club at our local primary school and happen to have been roped into being a sports coach too. At a very young age i was introduced to Chinese philosophy and meditation by my late father. At school it seemed odd to me at times where other kids endeavoured to place their energy. As time passed i felt a yearning to travel, I did just that. After exploring the Andes of South America I was drawn to Asia and Taoism. I spent several months educating myself and traveling as a ‘self motivated knowledge seeker’ on a minimalist budget , from which i feel I matured hugely and learned a great deal.

I returned from my travels and studied at the Royal Horticultural Society where my burning desire to work with nature was fuelled further. A few year later sadly my wife suffered a traumatic accident now some ten years ago, and after her time in a coma, several months of rehabilitation, and the power of intention, despite the odds she made a most remarkable recovery, defying medical experts expectations.


Warren Swartz

Spending much time with plants and in the outdoors and feeling empowered by my wife’s recovery I began to explore energy more and more. I forged special relationships with some of the trees I worked around and my consciousness seemed continually heightened. I then explored ‘intention’. An example, here I planted two large identical wigwams of sweet peas, they both received the same growing conditions a few meters apart. The one I treated as a plant, the other I spoke to, placed my hands near, told it I loved it and generally focused my energy on it. The results were quite remarkable as to which flourished more prolifically. One of my then employees suggested i look into Reiki and I haven’t looked back since.

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