About Shibashi Qigong

After years of working out in the field as a professional gardener I felt myself being pushed into some sort of early retirement due to recurring shoulder and lower back pains. Having spent a small fortune on acupuncture and massage (both of which I might add brought relief initially) the problems persisted.

That was until I encountered Shibashi, a gentle hybrid of Tai Chi and Qigong that truly transformed my physical wellbeing. Not only did this resonate deeply with me due to the immediacy of its effectiveness but also due to its ease of access. It seemed to yield the results I was looking for physically but also circulated by Qi/energy so effectively even after a few weeks of daily practice that I was hooked. After dipping in and out of Tai Chi and other Qigong in the past I felt this was a form that I could really work with. Years later I now seldom miss a day of my form- this stretches deeper as I now feel I am ever evolving my awareness of my own health, body posture, alignment and nutrition to be the best I can. I hope this form can transform your daily practice with its efficacy.

IMG_7548[1353] me Qigong

It is a simple, soft form that is fluid, easy to learn and stripped of the complexities that often steer many away from Tai Chi, so it requires less motivation and less attention to the subtleties of movement that you may find in other forms making it hugely accessible.

Shibashi simply means 18 form, which means there are 18 movements to the initial set, one that can be taught over a shorter period of time and there is certainly weight to this practice with over 8 million people said to be participating in it. Popular in rehabilitation and with body therapists it is a truly remarkable self-healing form that I often tie together with meditation groups and introduce to children at school age. I am a firm advocate that if we equip the youth with ‘tools’ such as Shibashi, meditation and nature connecting, it will carry them in good stead in a demanding, frenetic world. I am a qualified and insured Shibashi Qigong instructor from the Tai chi, Qigong and Feng Shui institute under Master Sifu Wing Cheung so you can assure you will be guided through the form professionally.

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Why Shibashi Qigong ?

Its gentle movements are accessible to everyone and its health benefits are certainly as appealing as its energetic benefits.

Said to delay the ageing process and its age-related diseases, strengthening the heart, lungs and kidneys and their related functions.

It increases weight loss, aids digestion while strengthening ligaments and tendons.

It improves circulation, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure and calms the mind.

The series of gentle rocking movements that make up the form offer the organs a massage while really optimizing our bodies vascular systems abilities while tendon, muscular and ligament strength is increased. That in itself is incredible, for a form that takes only about half an hour of daily practice it is little wonder that so many are turning to Shibashi Qigong.

Shibashi has proven itself to be restorative post trauma and physical ailments and is a nourishing, accessible and beautiful form.

I would love to take you on a journey to discover and learn this form, via zoom group sessions, 1-2-1 sessions or in your own home/garden or my studio in the rural North Devon countryside.

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What I offer

With much change in the world over recent months I am finding many people are turning to Zoom to attend Shibashi, allowing practice from your own personal space. I offer this to families with young and old in the household (parents need to attend with children), residential care homes, group sessions or 1-2-1 ‘s.

I have found that recent courses offering a combination of Shibashi, meditation and raising our natural energy have proved particularly popular over zoom. These run over five, one hour weekly sessions, over these weeks the entire form will be learned, broken down and rebuilt, leaving you going away, equipped with what you will need to take this form into your daily life with very little need for instruction.

During our sessions we will not only cover the form but we will delve into lower dantien breathing, the ripple effect of Qigong and Tai chi movement and visualization. Regular practice under my guidance will help you ‘soften the mind’ reaching the alpha brainwave frequency so beneficial to our state of being.


For those who want to go a little deeper, I can offer you a full Shibashi course that will enable you to apply for a certificate of completion directly from the Qigong, Tai Chi and Feng Shui institute, authenticated by Master Sifu Wing Cheung (although please note there is a nominal fee payable to his world renowned institute for this certificate to be sent from Canada)

I do hope I can bring this amazingly gentle but empowering form to as many people as I can, equipping you with the tools to cultivate the best of you.

Got a question? Just send us a message… I would love to hear from you!